Additive Manufacturing Online Tech-Day

October 23, 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00 | Host: Zak Fourie


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With the world slowly returning to normal, spring welcomed by everyone and with RAPDASA around THE CORNER, the time could not be more right to focus our attention on the manufacturing method of the future again – Additive Manufacturing.

Dreams of tomorrow presents the challenges of today and with the lessons learnt from yesterday, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence positioned itself as a key and world-leading solutions provider for the ever-growing 3D printing industry. Not only do they provide technically superior simulation solutions for engineers and manufacturers, but they also provide from concept to inspection. Process improvements, cost estimation, part life determination and non-destructive scan visualizations, to only name a few, are powerful tools available to their users today.

Additive manufacturing’s development has accelerated together with the current of the 4th industrial revolution we find ourselves in. Though still a long way to go, 3D printing has made major advances in the last decade (especially the last few years) and has presented itself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry and not only as a laboratory research topic anymore. This progress, together with various other technological advancements, has gone hand-in-hand with Hexagon’s Smart Factory vision and drive, motivating sustainability and improving efficiency.

Hexagon Manufacturing intelligence has positioned itself as a global solutions provider at the center where the digital and real worlds meet, bringing the virtual world closer to reality. Hexagon’s unique hardware and software portfolio creates this valuable link between the worlds.

Join us for a SIMTEQ Engineering online Tech-day where we take an overview of these developments and let our Hexagon|MSC Software colleagues introduce you to the deeper insights of all the individual software solutions relevant to the additive manufacturing industry that is available to engineers and manufacturers today. At SIMTEQ Engineering, we are passionate to solve our clients’ challenges with CAE simulation technology. This is another excellent opportunity to illustrate what is available, transfer knowledge and to get everybody together (though online).

The agenda for the day would consist of various and experienced representatives from the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence family.

Speaker Subject
Zak Fourie Introduction: Hexagon & AM Solutions
Stefan Tynelius MSC Apex Generative Design
Michel Pereme Metal AM (Simufact)
Michela Giugliano Auricchio Polymeric AM (Digimat)
Philip Sperling Quality inspection for Powder, Process Data and Parts with VGSTUDIO MAX
Marco Veltri Part Life Estimation in AM and CAEfatigue
Michela Giugliano Auricchio Material Center and Material Data Management
Zak Fourie Q&A

Event Details

Date: October 23, 2020
Time: 10:0012:00
Venue: On-line (Please register to receive the link)
Costs: Free


Zak Fourie
Senior Engineer
Stefan Tynelius​
MSC Apex & MSC Apex Generative Design
Michel Pereme
(Metal Additive Solutions)
Michela Giugliano Auricchio
Digimat & Material Center
(Non-metal Additive Solutions)
Philip Sperling
Volume Graphics
Marco Veltri
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