Our Story

It all started in 1995...


With a passion for technology and assisting engineers to compete with the best in the world, MSC-Africa was formed as a representative of MSC Software, the developers of world renowned FEA code NASTRAN. Although it underwent a number of name changes throughout the years, the vision and passion of our people never changed.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision (What we want to accomplish)
- To make design and manufacturing companies in Africa in competitive and global market.

Our Mission (General HOW)
- By providing them the best solutions, training and support.

Where we come from

Same great company, with a few name changes along the way

What we do

Company Profile
SIMTEQ Engineering makes product developing and manufacturing companies profitable and competitive by taking costly trial-and-error design and manufacturing processes of products into the virtual world. With our team of expert engineers and the best simulation and analysis technology, we make it simple to solve and prevent manufacturing and in-service problems of parts, assemblies and systems. We:
  • Sell the right technical solutions
  • Train users
  • Provide technical support
  • Offer knowledge transfer consulting and services
  • Advise senior and postgraduate students
We also provide specialist services such as:
  • Manufacturing process evaluation of welding, forming and additive manufacturing
  • Rail vehicle dynamic simulations
  • Blast (explosion) and crash simulations for vehicle protection evaluations
  • Glass forming simulations
  • Composites FEM setup and analysis
  • Acoustic analyses (Vibro-acoustic damage and noise simulations)
  • Control system and dynamic system co-simulations
  • Fluid flow and multi-body dynamic co-simulations

Why we do it

We love technology and are constantly looking out for new developments and ways to eliminate costly (and time consuming) trial-and-error prototyping. This helps our customers to get their products to market faster, cheaper and with confidence that it will perform as intended.

Where we do it

Our sales territory includes all Sub-Sahara African countries, while we already provided our services and training in Finland, Turkey, Pakistan, Israel and Australia (i.e. where ever you can travel to!).

How we do it

We specialize in providing the technology, training and knowledge transfer consulting services using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)* solutions. 
With many years of experience in these specialized areas of Finite Element Analysis and Multi-Body Dynamics, we are in the best position to advice and support our customers on which technologies to use and how to solve the problems they have. 
Manufacturing areas included are Forming, Welding, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) both metals and plastics. In-service areas include part strength analysis, vibration, noise, thermal and fatigue, as well as full system analysis including moving parts, control systems, hydraulics and electrical systems. In Forming the following methods are all covered: Hot forging, open die forging, Sheet metal forming, metal stamping, rolling, ring rolling, mechanical joining and heat treatment. In Welding the following methods are covered: Arc welding, laser beam, electron beam, resistance spot welding, brazing, pressure welding and stress relief methods. In Additive Manufacturing the following methods are covered for metals: Selective Laser Melting, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Laser Powder Bed Fusion and LaserCUSING as well as Electron Beam Melting. Metal deposition methods are covered under welding. The goal with part and system simulation is to represent reality as closely as possible to eliminate any nasty surprises when in service. This often presents trade-offs between quick useful answers and precise costly answers. We assist our customers in closing the gap.

Our Timeline



In 1995, Cobus Oosthuizen and Gert Becker formed MSC-Africa, which was the sole distributor of MSC-Software products in Southern Africa. The first product to land on our shores was Nastran, today better known as MSC Nastran. The company focused mainly on software and services in the area of Engineering Simulation.


From 1996, in order to address the total engineering simulation requirements of its clients, the company identified the need to broaden the scope of engineering technologies it offered.

In 1996, ENSOFT was founded by Cobus Oosthuizen, Rudolph de Kock and Gert Becker. ENSOFT focused mainly on the delivery of Engineering Design Software to the Southern African market, and was the sole distributor of EDS Unigraphics' products, (now known as Siemens PLM Software). 

ESTEQ Design

ENSOFT eventually became ESTEQ Design (trading as ESTEQ PLM).


In 2002, Clinton Stone was appointed as Managing Director of MSC-Africa, and continued to develop partnerships with the best engineering simulation software and testing hardware vendors in the world.

ESTEQ Engineering

In 2007, MSC-Africa changed its name to ESTEQ Engineering, to represent this broadened solution portfolio. 


In 2009, the two companies (ESTEQ PLM and ESTEQ Engineering) amalgamated, to form one brand known as ESTEQ.
As a result ESTEQ became a dedicated service provider of Engineering Design,
Simulation, and Lifecycle Management requirements.

SIMTEQ Engineering

In 2019, two long term employees of then MSC-Africa and later ESTEQ Engineering, Paul Naudé and Gerrit Visser, aquired the management shares in ESTEQ Engineering from ESTEQ Group and decided to seperate the company again and name it SIMTEQ Engineering. With a renewed focus on its core product portfolio from MSC Software, Vi-Grade, Ingeciber and CoreTech Systems(Moldex3D), SIMTEQ Engineering focuses on solving their clients' most difficult problems using technology.

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