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What’s New in Cradle V2020
The new suite of Cradle’s CFD products have been released on 15 November 2019 and it comes equipped with a range of new feature. The Cradle suite of products include the following: scFlow scStream scPost If you are familiar with the Cradle suite of products you might ask what has happened to scTeta? It is […]
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Adams 2019 - What's New?
The latest release of Adams, Adams 2019, has landed. For you not in the know, Adams is a motion simulation package for analysing the complex behaviour of mechanical systems. With Adams you can test virtual prototypes and optimise designs for performance, safety and comfort, without having to build and test numerous physical prototypes. With this […]
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MSC One Now Includes Manufacturing Simulation Tools
Its been a few months since Simufact was acquired by MSC Software with their suite of products: Simufact Forming, Simufact Welding and Simufact Additive Manufacturing. Now these products are integrated into MSC One, the new All Inclusive token system from MSC Software! What this means to existing MSC One customers, is that they now got […]
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