What we do

We make it simple to solve and prevent manufacturing and in-service problems of parts and assemblies using state of the art technology. 

Why we do it

We love technology and are constantly looking for new ways to eliminate costly (and time consuming) trial-and-error prototyping. This helps our customers to get their products to market faster, cheaper and with confidence that it will perform its function as designed.

How we do it

We specialize in providing the technology, training and knowledge transfer consulting services using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)* solutions. 
Manufacturing areas included are Forming, Welding, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) both metals and plastics.
In-service areas include part strength analysis, vibration, noise, thermal and fatigue, as well as full system analysis including moving parts, control systems, hydraulics and electrical systems.
In Forming the following methods are all covered: Hot forging, open die forging, Sheet metal forming, metal stamping, rolling, ring rolling, mechanical joining and heat treatment.
In Welding the following methods are covered: Arc welding, laser beam, electron beam, resistance spot welding, brazing, pressure welding and stress relief methods. 
In Additive Manufacturing the following methods are covered for metals: Selective Laser Melting, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Laser Powder Bed Fusion and LaserCUSING as well as Electron Beam Melting. Metal deposition methods are covered under welding.
The goal with part and system simulation is to represent reality as closely as possible to eliminate any nasty surprises when in service. This often presents trade-offs between quick useful answers and precise costly answers. 

We assist our customers in closing the gap.
* Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering analysis tasks. It includes finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multibody dynamics (MBD), durability and optimization. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer-aided_engineering

Our  Suppliers

We have aligned with the best-in-class technology providers in the world to cover the vast scope of engineering problem areas.
We pride ourselves for our customer focus and it seems that our customers agree

What our customers say about us

I wish you all the best for this new venture. You have a great team and I am positive that you will be successful if you put the customer first. This is something that only MSC understood through the years. You have a great product range behind you.
I am going tell you one thing! For my whole life I see many useless engineers and I couldn’t work with any of them, from my boss, my colleague, suppliers and/or customers. The only time in last 15 years I saw a team of knowledgeable engineers and enjoyed working with them, was 10 days of being with you guys.