Your Partner in Simulation Technology

SIMTEQ Engineering makes product developing and manufacturing companies profitable and competitive by taking costly trail-and-error design and manufacturing processes of products into the virtual world.
We pride ourselves for our customer focus and it seems that our customers agree

What our customers say

The support from SIMTEQ Engineering has been extremely good they have also proven to be very responsive and have provided engineering and product assistance beyond the norm, even in these difficult times.
Andries Uys
AHRLAC, Head of Manufacturing, Systems and Support
I wish you all the best for this new venture. You have a great team and I am positive that you will be successful if you put the customer first. This is something that only MSC understood through the years. You have a great product range behind you.
Kenny Mayhew-Ridgers
I am going tell you one thing! For my whole life I see many useless engineers and I couldn’t work with any of them, from my boss, my colleague, suppliers and/or customers. The only time in last 15 years I saw a team of knowledgeable engineers and enjoyed working with them, was 10 days of being with you guys.
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