Installing the MSC Software

To install any of the MSC products follow the steps listed below.

Install steps:

The install for the listed steps will be the same for every software product it can differ slightly from product to product and there might also be some additional steps.

Step 1: Start the install

Run the .EXE file to start the installation process. The first dialog box that will pop up is shown in Figure 1 where you need to select your preferred language. Click Next.

Figure 1: Install Start Dialog Box

Step 2: Accept terms and conditions

Accept the terms and conditions to continue with the installation process as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Terms and Conditions Dialog Box

Step 3: Customer information

Provide the required customer information and select if the software should be made available for any user or only your specific user and click Next as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3: Customer Information Dialog Box

Step 4: Select setup type and location

Select the setup type as shown in Figure 4 and click Next. Usually the default setup type is sufficient unless only specific modules needs to be installed. The location of the install is usualy changed to C:\MSC Software\..... to ensure that all the products are installed in the same directory.

Figure 4: Setup Type and Location Dialog Box

Step 5: Review install settings

Review the selected installation settings as shown in Figure 5 and click Next or go back and make the appropriate changes.

Figure 5: Install Settings Dialog Box

Step 6: Specify license server

Specify the license server where the license file for the software is located as shown in Figure 6 and click Next. The port number (27500) and license-severer will depend on how and where the license server is setup. If you have not yet setup a license server please refer to: How to Setup a License Server Using the MSC Licensing Tool. You can also just provide the license file however this is not recommended for a couple of reasons. If the MSC Licensing Tools is used the following is done automaticaly:

  • The license file is completed with the correct license server name.
  • The required environmental variable is generated with the correct port and license server name.
  • The token usage is configured as required for all MSC One customers.
  • All the installed software points to a single location.

Figure 6: License Server Dialog Box

Step 7: Finish install

The steps to finish to installation will vary from product to product from this point forward.

If any problems are encountered to complete the instalation of the software please contact our technical support team