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VI-Rail Overview Course Content

Published 2014-03-07

This Course will provide a basic introduction to simulating railway vehicle dynamics using VI-Rail. As VI-Rail is based on MSC software’s Adams package, a basic understanding of multi-body dynamic simulation using Adams is assumed, as taught in the MSC ADM701 course.

Length: 5 Days


ADM701 (recommended)

General Railway vehicle knowledge


  • Description of user modes and model structure (assemblies – subsystems – templates and test rigs)
  • Overview of database hierarchy
  • Using product documentation
  • Working with subsystems and full vehicle models
  • Basic wheel rail contact mechanics and an overview of the VI-Rail wheel-rail element
  • Working with railway wheels
  • Working with rails
  • Setting up different kinds of railway analyses
  • Reviewing Results
  • Create plot configuration files
  • Create and modify templates
  • Create and modify different type of parts
  • Learn how to use communicators
  • Learn how to create new requests within the same subsystem as well as between different subsystems
  • Working with different property files and using the curve manager and property file editor
  • Create and modify railway elements such as springs, dampers, bushings, wheel sets etc.

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