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Simulation Based Design

Published 2016-08-18

In these 4 lectures you will learn how to use simulation tools to drive a design, instead of using CAD (initially).

Lecture 1 - Overview

  • Structural Analysis Solutions
  • Free Resources
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Build you own Maserati: A Case Study
  • A Potential Project
  • 8×8 Vehicle Example
  • Softball Pitching Machine Design Example
  • Design Cycle: Simulation Driven Design

Lecture 2 - Design Methodology

  • Problem formulation
  • Definition of idealized model
  • Development of computer model
  • Formulation of system equations
  • Equation solving
  • Results and post processing
  • Evaluation and conclusion

Lecture 3 - Essential Adams tools

  • Basic Actions of Problem Solving
  • Inverse & Forwards Kinematics Using Adams
  • Design Updates
  • Why Add Flexible Parts to Your Models
  • Forces in Adams
  • Impact Contact in Adams
  • Function Builder Overview
  • Design Variables
  • Step Function
  • Spline Functions
  • Displacement Functions
  • Sensors and Simulation Scripts
  • Design Studies

Lecture 4 - Simulation Based Design

  • Product Life Cycle
  • Why Simulate
  • Why Adams
  • Your Future Career Path
  • Concept to Design Through Analysis - (click here for the step-by-step guide)
  • Top Secret Project
  • Simulation Based Design
  • Assignment Tips (Flexible Bodies)
  • Resources and Support

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