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MSC Apex Getting Started

1. Introduction

Congratulations on choosing the first new generation FEA software since the 1960's!

Students can download a free version here: MSC Apex Student Version

A core feature about MSC Apex is that there is no required training course to attend to learn how to use it. Follow these simple steps and you will be productive using MSC Apex on the same day! No other FEA software package is this easy and fast to learn.

2. Finding your way around the user interface:

Choosing the above link opens a local file in your default web browser:

For help on a specific tool, hover your mouse over it:

To see a complete end-to-end FEA simulation being done in MSC Apex, watch this next video. In the video below you will see how geometry is created, meshed, attributed with properties, constrained and loaded and then analysed.

This is all there is to know to get up and running using MSC Apex!

To download a trial version of MSC Apex, visit the official MSC Apex website.

UPDATE 2018-01-26: Also read: 18 real reasons why MSC Apex is my No. 1 CAD clean-up tool of choice

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here in the comment section or send us an email:

Knowledge is power!

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Don't ever risk your career by using cracked software!

I only used it for my studies, I only wanted to evaluate the software, I didn't use if for commercial purposes, I only installed it, but never used it... Unfortunately, no reason holds up in court for the possession of stolen goods.

The full commercial purchase price of the software (for everything you had access to, whether or not it was even used!) 

Students (under- or post-graduate) also has no recourse since they can get access to free legal student versions, or the full commercial versions through their respective universities.
If you wish to evaluate any software or module that you do not have access to, please contact us, we will gladly arrange for evaluation licenses, even emergency licenses. 

There is just no reason to access illegal software.
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