Realise the advantages of CAE with 3D Reports
Simulation software assists in the ability to offer higher-quality products at a lower cost. Unfortunately, the results obtained from a simulation cannot always be shared easily and conveniently with other people in your company or 3rd parties.

The simulation analysts must go through the time-consuming process of generating a simulation report to share information widely. A report can only provide a limited amount of information and is dependent on what the analyst decides to include in the report. This can put design and manufacturing engineers in a position where they have to make decisions without all the facts.

VCollab combines the insights from multiple simulation tools into a single vendor-neutral, 3D CAE report format that can be viewed even from a web browser.

VCollab automates the process of creating these 3D CAE reports that will save the analyst time and it makes the complete simulation resultset available to the design and manufacturing engineers. Even your suppliers and other 3rd parties can access these resultsets through digital CAE reports.

Simulation Insight Challenges

Information Fidelity: Design engineers in a lot of circumstances lack CAE skills and licenses. If tools like VCollab is not available to create digital 3D CAE reports, analysts must create static 2D presentations and reports. This dramatically reduces the fidelity of simulation results.
Static Information: Working with PowerPoint images or CAE viewers that lack the required features, makes it difficult or impossible for engineers to see critical loadcases and hot spots. It also makes it difficult to compare design iterations easily. Engineers cannot create, review or edit annotations and this limits cross-team collaboration.
Efficiency & Collaboration: Creating, sharing and reviewing simulation reports/results using traditional tools can take up a significant amount of time and it often requires multiple iterations that can take up days or even weeks. Collaboration between people can be an even bigger challenge if they are located in different geographical areas.

Do Not Worry, VCollab Solves All of these Challenges

VCollab converts and combines results from multiple CAE and CAD files into a single digital 3D CAE report. This report is a vendor-neutral file and it does not sacrifice any of the simulation results needed by your design or manufacturing teams.

Instead of seeing limited simulation results by using traditional CAE viewers, your teams can collaborate and make better design and product decisions by using VCollab and the simulation insights gained from it.
VCollab allows you to share important information through digital 3D CAE reports with your global supply and OEM teams, while protecting intellectual property.

On top of it all, VCollab simulation reports can be easily automated, freeing up hours of valuable analyst time.

VCollab Products are Ideal to Bring About CAE Process Automation

Explore simulation results from multiple software providers and tools.
VCollab makes it possible to combine results from different CAE and CAD tools, enabling your teams to make decisions based on comprehensive and complete information.

Hotspots detection highlights critical results, making it easy to focus on the most important areas in big and complex designs. Hotspots are automatically identified in VCollab, thus reducing the possibility of missing critical areas in your design.
View and compare combined results in 3D.
3D ViewPoints provide a complete overview of simulation results and information in the form of an easy to use 3D viewer that replaces 2D Powerpoints and reports, that provides limited information.

SmartCompare highlights differences in simulation results that allow design teams to easily compare multiple design variants.

Annotations help simulation engineers to show important result details and documents design decisions within a 3D model.
Collaborate between teams, departments and organisations.
Your design, release, and manufacturing teams can collaborate on the simulation results provided using VCollab, regardless of location and timezone.

You can also share simulation results with OEMs and your global supply chain without compromising your intellectual property. VCollab only shows the simulation results and not the underlying math or methodology behind your designs.

Simulation Software and SPDM Partners

VCollab supports almost every results format that is available for simulation and has partnered with industry leaders in simulation software. VCollab also partnered with the leading PLM solution suppliers to provide the capability to support Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM).


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