Advanced Thermal Simulation Solver

Sinda is a thermal solver that has been used in a wide range of space applications and across multiple industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics.

Sinda uses a conductor-capacitor thermal network model to perform a thermal analysis. This thermal modeling approach offers numerous benefits when solving thermal problems. 

Sinda goes beyond other thermal solvers by also providing a thermal programming language. This enables engineers to construct complex thermal scenarios that would be difficult to create in other solvers.

Supported Software

Sinda can be integrated with other thermal modeling tools to extend its capabilities:

  • Patran
  • SimXpert
  • SindaRad
  • Thermal Studio
  • Visio.
Sinda has a number of advantages when compared to FE based thermal solvers, these advantages include:
  • A wider range of available thermal loads.
  • Fast radiation methods with multiple available radiation enclosures.
  • Terrestrial heat flow models for solar loads are included.
  • Subroutines for model logic and boundary conditions can be added for complex thermal problems.
  • Micro functions for complex loads are included with no additional programming logic required.
  • Complex variation heat fluxe and convection models based on special, time and temperature parameters are included.
  • Ablation for thermal electric devices and heat pipes are included.


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