Simufact Forming

Simufact Forming is a process simulation solution to simulate and emulate forming manufacturing processes. Simufact eliminates unproductive, trial-and-error, development efforts by accurately predicting process results such as distortions, internal stresses and costs for several different forming techniques from bulk forming to heat treatment cycles.

Manufacture it right, first time

The forming and manipulation of metals is a key strength mankind has mastered over the centuries and is significant driver in any industrial economy. Both material sciences and manufacturing processes are crucial to be understood for profitable manufacturers and metal factories. Operational costs, safety hazards and advanced material characteristics can reduce profits instantly if scrap rates are not kept at a minimum.

Simufact Forming is one of the first integrated CAE tools specifically developed for manufacturing processes. Built on MSC Software’s powerful non-linear solver, MARC, the technology includes all relevant forming technologies, including forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, rolling, joining and heat treatment processes.

Microstructure simulation, die load calculations, energy requirements, material flow and properties are all results engineers, manufacturers and metallurgists are interested that Simufact can assist with. The simulation tools helps with virtual product development without interrupting production lines, trial-and-error and material costs. Innovation is done with lower risks while digitizing knowledge and experience.

Simufact Forming provides engineering businesses and manufacturers with and competitive advantage by reducing product time-to-market cycles and eliminate excessive production costs and accelerating process developments. The process simulation introduces the following operational benefits:

  • Optimize material usage
  • Increase tool life
  • Efficient usage of machinery
  • Reduce scrap rates
  • Increased insights and understanding into processes

The intuitive, easy-to-learn platform allows the user to develop the best product by adjusting process parameters in a virtual environment. The results of one process can be carried over to the next, preserving the manufacturing effects and material history. Results can also be imported or exported to Simufact Welding, Simufact Additive and other 3rd party software products.

Simufact Forming has a modular architecture that allows the user to select the process relevant to their application. Each module provides access to the specific process specific inputs and requirements, simplifying the pre-processing setup.
Cold Forming
Cold Forming happens below the recrystallisation temperature of the material and is usually used for bulk forming, pipe bending and hydroforming.
Hot Forging
Hot Forging happens above the recrystallisation temperature of the material, also used in bulk forming applications.
Open Die Forging
Simulate open die forging processes. Kinematics and pass schedules for the forging dies are provided that depend on the deformation of the workpiece.
Simulation solution for both sheet and bulk geometries for rolling activities in a translational and rotational direction.
Ring Rolling
Simulate ring rolling processes and takes the kinematics of the growth rate into account for different temperatures and speeds.
Sheet Metal Forming
Simulates sheet metal forming processes for both thick sheets and hollow cylinders if the thickness changes are of a lesser interest.
Pressure Welding
Simulates pressure or resistance welding of two deformable objects that are required to be joined together.
Heat Treatment
Simulates heat treatment processes in order to determine correct temperatures and phase transformations.
Mechanical Joining
Simulate mechanical joining processes of two deformable bodies with a deformable joining element if required to determine the technique and integrity.
Simufact is a powerful tool to verify manufacturing techniques and to prevent defects and failures before it happens. Optimized production with higher quality and shorter lead-times increase new project feasibility studies and commercial competitiveness. It spearhead Hexagons Manufacturing Intelligence’s drive for smart factories for sustainable manufacturing and increased profitability.


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