ESTEQ Online Learning Portal

These online tutorials are a starting point for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Multi Body Dynamics (MBD), but can not replace formal training! Please access our formal training course calendar here: Training

These online tutorials are however ideal to work through BEFORE a formal training course, since it will give you less new information to absorb during the courses and give you a better idea of the big picture.

It is however a good starting point if you need to do something basic.

Access the different learning portals here:

  1. Mechanics of Materials
  2. MSC Apex - your virtual clay
  3. Free student version software
  4. FEA basics and SimXpert
  5. Multi-body dynamics with Adams
  6. Supplementary FEA tutorials
  7. Academia page: For Students and Lecturers

Mechanics of Materials


MSC Apex: Virtual Clay


FEA basics and SimXpert

Multi-body dynamics with Adams


Supplementary FEA tutorials