Part-time Online Marketing job opportunity

SIMTEQ Engineering needs the assistance in the form of a few hours per week of a student trained in or having a passion for online marketing (website and email).
The successful candidate will have flexible work hours and once a good relationship has been established, may even work remotely from any location he/she chooses.

Technical requirements

NB: Please do NOT submit your details or CV if you can't prove that you have the following skills. Failing to pass this test will cause you to have  a bad reputation in the market place and prevent you from any future considerations for any job positions. Be honest and true. 
You are required to:
* be experienced using the Microsoft Windows Operating System, especially the use of file and folder structures.
* have experience using Microsoft Office products like MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.
* have experience using WordPress, HTML and CSS.
* be knowledgeable in SEO and explain how you can improve a site's page rankings. 
* have excellent English spelling and grammar skills and not rely on spelling and grammar checkers.
* have experience creating raster and vector format images using GIMP and/or Inkscape (or similar software).


You will have an advantage if you can: 
* showcase your best work online with respect to your website and content creation skills.
* have experience using Oxygen ( or show that you quickly learnt something about it online.
* have experience using ActiveCampaign ( or show that you quickly learnt something about it online.

Other requirements

You will be required to work independently, be creative, take initiative and work without explicit or clear instructions. SIMTEQ needs your help, not just for you to do what is asked.