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What does Argument 2: prog=simxst Mean?

Published 2013-06-12


I've submitted a nastran run and in the SimXpert message box it stated "Argument 2: prog=simxst" and then nothing happend?

When I try to attach my results, nothing is available.

What is the problem?


Argument 2: prog=simxst appears after a job was successfully submitted to Nastran (by SimXpert).

This means Nastran is now (probably) running and solving your problem.

If Nastran is not yet done, you will not be able to attach any results.

The likely solution is just to wait a bit. But I hear you asking: "How long should I wait?"

When you created the nastran job, you could specify where the BDF should be written (the "Solver Input File: input box in the 'Create new Nastran job' form".

This location is where the results file will also be placed.

To monitor whether or not Nastran is finished running, open the .F06 file. If Nastran is complete, near the end of the file it will state "* * * END OF JOB * * *"

But then, it does not mean that your results will be available. You als need to search for the word "Fatal". If you DO NOT FIND "fatal, your results should be available.

If you found a fatal error, the results file will exist but will not contain any results. In such a case you have to resolve the problem first.

Make sure you can see all the file extensions in that folder (Windows hide them by default for 'all known file types'.

In Windows 7, go to "Folder and search options" (It's under the "Organize" menu options) then go to the 'View' tab and UNCHECK the "Hide extensions for known file types" option.

You will then see many files with different extensions having the same names (as the job you created).

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