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How to run a Python script automatically in MSC Apex
There may be a number of things you repeat every time you create a new model, like creating a material or defining a number of standard beam sections. It's tedious work and prone to error, but you don't have to. You can simply have a simple Python script (which you can record as a macro), […]
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5 Things I Learned from the ESTEQ FEA 101 Course
This blog article was written by: Prashant Jeewa.         FEA - A Brief Overview I recently attended the ESTEQ's FEA101 course - the practical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) course which focuses on linear static, buckling and modal analysis. If you are unfamiliar with the world of FEA, a simple explanation would be […]
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Training at SIMTEQ is Effective
Training at SIMTEQ is effective for a number of reasons: We love technology and we love to get our clients efficient using it. Our training facilitators know their products and subjects extremely well. Our training facilitators also support clients after training on a daily basis and know which topics need more attention or elaboration to […]
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