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SimXpert Scripting - SMX132

Published 2013-06-18

SimXpert Scripting - SMX132 

  • Which aspects of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is costing you time and money in your company today?
  • Have you ever considered the cost of man hours and wondered how much you can save your company if you could speed up certain standard tasks that every team member is spending time on every day?
  • How much value can you add to your company if your team can spend more time on engineering and less on tedious error prone work?
  • You will also inevitably bring new members on board from time to time and how much of your team's time is then spend to bring them up to speed with the current established processes? Hours or weeks?
  • And will we ever be able to quantify the cost of unreported human error - those little omissions or neglected 'tricks of the trade' that is delaying the final delivery?

Through the cleverly integrated SimXpert Template system, processes can be captured for easy re-use in future projects, thus capturing company IP and standardizing certain tasks but above all, speed up repetitive tasks through automation which also minimizes human error.

New team members in your company can be productive from day one using such developed processes without a steep learning curve, leaving them and the rest of the team to be more focused on the engineering behind the problem, instead of all the steps involved.

Date: 23-25 July 2013
3 Day Course

ESTEQ Pretoria

Cost per person:
R8,000.00 excl VAT


Stefan Thynelius | MSC Software

More about Stefan Thynelius:

Master degree in Mechanical Engineering  from Gothenburg Chalmers  University of Technology 1994

  • 1994-2002 CAE NVH Analyst at Volvo Car Corporation
  • 2002-2005 Senior CAE NVH Analyst at Ford Motor Company of Australia
  • 2005-2006 Senior CAE NVH Analyst at Volvo Car Corporation
  • 2006 MSC Software

During his years in automotive he has extensively relied upon scripting, using various programming languages,  to solve various engineering problems.

As he joined MSC Software and SimXpert was introduced a whole range of new possibilities became available as the templates allow the user to access objects, structures and relations embedded in the database, and , at the same time access the power and versatility of the python programming language.

During his time with MSC he has engaged in several projects with various scopes:

Several projects ensured that clients could speed up their process and range from automated post processing tools on very large composites structures with hundreds of load cases to simplifying complex processes and automating various other tasks, ranging from the mundane to the very complex.

SimXpert templates are extremely powerful and he believes there is nothing that cannot be done with it!

  • ITW template- An end to end solution to bring high fidelity CAE to  design engineers-Toll is deployed since 3 years and is used at multiple sites.
  • Suzlon Template- A post processing tool to efficiently analyze very large composite structures with hundreds of load cases.
  • NVH tool – A tool for pre and post processing of complete vehicle results, soon to become available as a toolkit
  • PSD template – A tool for simplified set up and analysis of  PSD jobs with multiple inputs
  • Automatic Thickness assign – A tool to automatically assign a property with the correct thickness after a mid-surface operation

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