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How to Automatically Assign a Thickness Property

Published 2013-06-12

With the attached template, you can automatically create and assign a thickness property to surfaces that were created using one of the SimXpert Midsurface tools.The attached document shows this simple installation and execution process with screen captures:

Step 1:

Extract the files from 7Zip file

Step 2:

Move/copy the extracted files and sub folders to your user templates folder e.g.: "C:\Users\pne.EST\Process\Templates"

The next time you start SimXpert, you will see a new item in your tool ribbon: "AssignThickness"
Now you can open the Template and execute it! You simply need to choose wheter to create groups or parts for all the plates with the same thickness (not important which option you choose) and then select all the surfaces you want this executed for.



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