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How do I Create a Hex Mesh?

Published 2013-06-12


I am required to create a Hex mesh for an assignment but can't find a way to do it. Under Solid mesh, there is only a linear/Quadratic option and it creates Tet elements.

Can't it be done?


O, it is quite easy but you don't use the solid mesher in the "Automesh" group for that.

Surface mesh a face of the solid with linear Quad elements (2D), and then use the extrude function to extrude these 2D elements into 3D:

There are three options, depending on how complex the final shape is (under the "Meshing" tab>"Sweep" group> "Extrude" or "Normal" or "Loft".

The simplest method of the 3 is "Normal" (and if the elements appear on the wrong side of the surface, simply undo and type in a - (minus) in front of the distance value you specified.

The "layers" value specify how many layers of elements should be created in that distance.

The default value of 1 is in most cases NOT recommended (a single element through the thickness of a solid gives poor results when in bending).

Just remember to delete the original 2D elements (tip: use the "entity show/hide filter buttons" on the right hand side of the GUI to hide the solid elements so you can easily select and delete the 2D elements)

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