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Performing Vehicle Mine Blast Analysis
This blog article was written by: Andrew Brendt       A previous blog article, titled Why Simulate When Developing Mine Protected Vehicles, provided motivation for using simulation in the development of mine protected vehicles. This article will now discuss an approach that is routinely adopted to perform these simulations. Mine blast events are highly […]
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Why Simulate When Developing Mine Protected Vehicles
This blog article was written by: Andrew Brendt Mine protected vehicles are routinely required to meet mine protection levels set out in specifications (eg. STANAG 4569). The process involved in obtaining certification for a vehicle according to these specifications can be costly and time consuming and become especially painful if a vehicle fails to provide the desired level […]
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Initialising with Previous Results
Question Is there a method to create a new analysis deck/job but having specified results from a previous job (same .db) as initial conditions? (Every load in the new job is then applied on top of these.) I'm using Patran 2012.1 with Dytran 2012.1.0. Answer There are a couple of ways to use previous results […]
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