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Wheel-Rail Contact - from Dynamic to FEA
Using the MSC Solutions Download Center

Using the MSC Software Solutions download center, you can have access to the latest releases of your MSC Software packages by simply downloading the installation files. Once you have finalized the purchase order for the first time, an account will be automatically created for the electronic delivery administrator who will then have administrative rights to […]

Product Design Processes Fail

As a technology house, supporting many different customers, in many different industries, SIMTEQ Engineering has seen it all. From designs born on cigarette boxes and coming to life as manufacturing progresses, to completely virtually designed and commissioned products that saw very little design improvements needed over time. As a technology house, SIMTEQ Engineering has access […]

Stitched Versus Glue, the Verdict Is In!

In this article I will put a compelling argument forward why glued meshes (with a gap) are a much better option that the more traditional stitched mesh approach for modelling thin plate structures with 2D shell elements. The Compromise FEA analysts still often represent thin solid parts using 2D (shell) elements with a thickness property […]

MSC Nastran Contact
Saving Time with Computational Parts in MSC Apex

The power and cost saving aspect of using Computational Parts can be seen in this quick test. In a quick comparison, a second assembly analysis of 8 parts took only 63% of the time compared to the initial analysis. This was made possible by the computational parts that MSC Apex creates automatically when solving assemblies. […]

From Concept to Design Through Analysis

The steps below show an overview on how to use Topology Optimization (Design by Mass and Volume) correctly (read Doing Topology Optimization right for more background on this subject). This procedure can be used very successfully to create economically designed parts from scratch with minimum effort. The most important aspect of this process is that […]

Topology Optimization Using Patran

See Doing Topology Optimization right for the introduction into this section. In preparation for topology optimization, using load cases exported from Adams or Vi-Rail (see Extracting loads for FEA from Multi Body Dynamics (MBD) Software), the model should have no constraints defined.For this reason, an “Inertia relief” setting is added to enable a static analysis on the […]

Doing Topology Optimization Right
Handy Tools in MSC Apex to Speed-Up FE Modelling

The Abderdeen group has found that on average, analysts across industries spend up to 80% of their time on CAD clean-up for analysis purposes. MSC Apex Modeller has proven without a doubt that it brings a new way of editing (and creating) geometry which rapidly improves the created meshes and within a much shorter time […]

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