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How Accurate is FEA?

More precisely: “How accurately can an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) predict the real response of a structure?” Let’s start by introducing the typical process (chain) of getting from a real structure to an FEA model with results: Set up 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) geometry of the real structure Simplify the CAD by removing unnecessary […]

Performing Vehicle Mine Blast Analysis

This blog article was written by: Andrew Brendt       A previous blog article, titled Why Simulate When Developing Mine Protected Vehicles, provided motivation for using simulation in the development of mine protected vehicles. This article will now discuss an approach that is routinely adopted to perform these simulations. Mine blast events are highly […]

Why Simulate When Developing Mine Protected Vehicles

This blog article was written by: Andrew Brendt Mine protected vehicles are routinely required to meet mine protection levels set out in specifications (eg. STANAG 4569). The process involved in obtaining certification for a vehicle according to these specifications can be costly and time consuming and become especially painful if a vehicle fails to provide the desired level […]

Numerical Optimization of Structures – An Introduction
Training at SIMTEQ is Effective

Training at SIMTEQ is effective for a number of reasons: We love technology and we love to get our clients efficient using it. Our training facilitators know their products and subjects extremely well. Our training facilitators also support clients after training on a daily basis and know which topics need more attention or elaboration to […]

Effect of FE Element Shape and Type on Stiffness

We have all learnt through our careers with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) that "tria3 elements are bad" and that "quad4 elements should stay square" for better results but how much worse are tria3 elements (and under which circumstances?) and exactly how bad is a deformed quad4 element when it comes to the results we obtain […]

Design by Volume, Mass and Load

"Topology Optimization" is the formal term for the technology that allows you to say to the computer: "Take this chunk of material, with all these different loads and take all the unnecessary material away". Have you ever wondered how car manufacturers manage, with every new car model, to make the cars lighter and yet stronger? […]

VI-Rail Chosen for Research in Passenger Rail Vehicles
Initialising with Previous Results

Question Is there a method to create a new analysis deck/job but having specified results from a previous job (same .db) as initial conditions? (Every load in the new job is then applied on top of these.) I'm using Patran 2012.1 with Dytran 2012.1.0. Answer There are a couple of ways to use previous results […]

Thermo-Mechanical and Mechanical response of Train Wheels according to UIC510-5
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