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How to run a Python script automatically in MSC Apex
There may be a number of things you repeat every time you create a new model, like creating a material or defining a number of standard beam sections. It's tedious work and prone to error, but you don't have to. You can simply have a simple Python script (which you can record as a macro), […]
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18 (Now 20) Real Reasons Why MSC Apex Is My No. 1 CAD Clean-Up Tool of Choice
Winning Awards Its no secret that I love working with MSC Apex, but I am not alone. Winning 14(!) prestigious product awards (since only 2014), means MSC Apex is officially the latest and greatest CAE technology available on the market today. Apart from winning 14 product awards, MSC Software also managed to submit no less than 25 […]
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Saving Time with Computational Parts in MSC Apex
The power and cost saving aspect of using Computational Parts can be seen in this quick test. In a quick comparison, a second assembly analysis of 8 parts took only 63% of the time compared to the initial analysis. This was made possible by the computational parts that MSC Apex creates automatically when solving assemblies. […]
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Handy Tools in MSC Apex to Speed-Up FE Modelling
The Abderdeen group has found that on average, analysts across industries spend up to 80% of their time on CAD clean-up for analysis purposes. MSC Apex Modeller has proven without a doubt that it brings a new way of editing (and creating) geometry which rapidly improves the created meshes and within a much shorter time […]
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